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Reel Rookie

Unauthorized charge from Disney

Good afternoon,

I work for a bank in Ozark, Mo. We have a mutual customer that turned in fraud paperwork regarding a charge for Roku for Disney Electroni. I informed her how to access her Roku account and cancel subscriptions. She stated she was not seeing this subscription on her Roku account, and we gave her a new debit card number. The charge just came through again today and I noted it states recurring.  Logically this would be a charge on her subscriptions, that would seemingly be the only way the new card number could have been run, when she added it to her Roku account. It seems there is virtually no way to get a hold of customer service. How can I get assistance for her on this?

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Unauthorized charge from Disney

If your customer says there's no subscription showing in her account, then Roku is not the one billing her. It is most likely a fraudulent charge from someone that is not connected to Roku in any way. Roku cannot assist with it, because they are not the one submitting the charge.

If you really work for a bank, you should be well aware that scammers can submit phony charges with any name they desire on the charge. They simply have a stolen credit card number and try to get someone to pay the charge. 


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Reel Rookie

Re: Unauthorized charge from Disney

Working for a bank I am well aware that occasionally there are indeed fraudulent transactions. What is definitely more typical is friendly fraud, when a family member or friend uses a debit card that is attached to a device, such as a Roku. I think it is particularly evident this is the case due to the fact she obtained a brand-new debit card number from us, and the recurring charge just came through on this card when she added the card number to the Roku device. 

What I am needing help with is to see if there is an easier way, than requiring her to come in so I can physically walk through this with her, that she might be able to find this subscription information.

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