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Reel Rookie

Roku's Password Requirements? Max Length? Upper & Lower Case? Punctuation? Special Charcters?

It's beyond me why hardly any companies post this info.

Max length of a password?

Is punctuation allowed?  If so, which characters?

Is upper and lower case allowed?

Are Special Characters allowed?  If so, which?

Hopefully -

Thank You

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Re: Roku's Password Requirements? Max Length? Upper & Lower Case? Punctuation? Special Charcters


Technically, all or any of the above are allowed.  However, some users have reported issues when using special characters or too long of a password with certain ISP provided routers and Roku devices.

Start simple, make sure you are able to connect.  Then add more complication to password as you see fit. By already successfully connecting with a simple password, you can see which character (or password length) is causing an issue should it arise.  When selecting your password, the password entry/dialog box that appears on Roku will inherently alert you to the allowable characters available. (ie. if you find that you cannot select a character, should assume/be alerted that probably not allowed/compatible).


A useful thing to acknowledge is that overly complicated passwords really will only provide you, the user,  the feeling of security.  No one with knowledge and intent on getting into a network is trying manual multiple guesses at a SSID password.  There are usually tools and scripts at work.  It really is more of an encryption method and practice that will secure the network.  And of course, don't use the same password everywhere.

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