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Paramount+ subscription question?

Hi I just bought my Hisense Roku tv a few weeks ago, I noticed it offered me paramount plus free trial for 90 days, however I was sick and just turned the TV off and planned to sign up for it later. I haven't used the tv much because I've been so sick but today I tried to go back and sign up for it and it's not there anymore ☹️ it says a 30 day free trial but no longer offers the 90 day trial. Did I make a mistake by turning the tv off and not signing up for it right then? Is there anyway to get it back? 

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Roku Guru

Re: Paramount+ subscription question?

To be honest, NEVER sign up for any subscription through Roku. Causes all sorts of problems. You may miss out on some deals, but you are ALWAYS better subscribing at the WEB SITE of the service. Check your cell phone provider, shopping clubs, etc... for deals. I get $10 off per month on Philo for year from T-Mobile. T-Mobile offers basic Netflix for free on many plans, and 6-months to "as long as you have T-Mobile" on Apple TV+. Sam's Club has 10% Sam's Cash back on Peacock subscriptions.

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