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No return shipping label after 3 WEEKS of attempting. Do not buy from

I've been struggling to return a Roku Soundbar SE I purchased directly from Roku. I had to call support to get an RMA because the site couldn't properly administering the return through my account.

April 10 I get the RMA but no shipping label is attached. I ask for help by responding to the support ticket email. No response.

April 16 I ask for help again using the support ticket email. No response.

April 20 I call in and ask for a return shipping label. I'm told I'll receive it in 24 hours.

I don't receive it.

April 27 I call in again and ask for a return shipping label. I'm told there was some issue with the inbox that was supposed to generate my shipping label and that I should receive it in 24 hours. If not, respond to the support email.

I don't receive a return label.

May 5 I respond to the support email ticket to let Roku know I still didn't receive the label.

No response

May 7 I wait 20 minutes on the support customer line. I'm told a supervisor will call me back to handle it. They also acknowledged that they could see my ticket had follow up emails that Roku didn't respond to.

So I continue to wait for a return label so I can return this merchandise and get my money back.

Do not buy from It's been the worst customer service process I've ever experienced. Buy from BestBuy or Target. It's not worth the extreme hassle Roku's customer service may put you through.

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Community Moderator

Re: No return shipping label after 3 WEEKS of attempting. Do not buy from

Thank you for reporting this issue to the Roku Community@1hbjen!

We understand that you would like to return the Roku Soundbar SE you purchased directly from us. We are here to assist you with the process.

Please be informed that our support team has already taken care of the issue, and one of our support team members has sent you an email with all the information you need, including the PPL and instructions on proceeding with the return. Please check your email and let us know if you have any questions or concerns, as we're always here to help.

We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work to get everything sorted out for you.

Best regards,

Jharra Q.
Roku Community Moderator