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I reject a charge from MLB, how do I make ROKU not reload???

I reject a charge from MLB, how do I make ROKU not reload??? we have never enjoyed this service, and now they charge again, we refuse this new charge

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Re: I reject a charge from MLB, how do I make ROKU not reload???

Hi Evely! If we're understanding correctly, you'd like to unsubscribe from the MLB channel to discontinue charges, is that right? Have you already unsubscribed from the MLB channel? If not, please follow these steps: 


If you've already followed these steps, please let us know, and we can reach out to you via private message to collect more information. Thanks! 



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Re: I reject a charge from MLB, how do I make ROKU not reload???


To unsubscribe from a service you subscribed to through Roku, :  Log into  Cancel any subscriptions you've obtained through Roku there.   

Any subscriptions you've obtained through other services (Hulu, Prime Video, etc) will have to be unsubscribed through those services. 

Any subscriptions obtained directly from the channel will have to be unsubscribed on the channel's website.  

Once you've unsubscribed:

Note that with most (all?) subscriptions you pre-pay (or obtain a temporary free trial) for a defined subscription period which then auto-renew when the subscription (or trial) periods expire.  When you unsubscribe it stops the auto-renewal but the current subscription stays active until the prepaid subscription period runs out.  Few, if any, will cancel immediately and refund the unused portion of your prepaid subscription.  This is all explained in the conditions shown when entering into the subscription (you know, all that stuff we all agree to without actually reading it).

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