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I'm being charged $18 on Roku and don't know what it's for

I am also being charged $18. I went and looked and I don’t have ANY active subscriptions… what is it for & is it possible to be refunded any of the payments?

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Re: I'm being charged $18 on Roku and don't know what it's for

Hello! @PrettyPistol,

Thanks for reaching out to the Roku Community.

If you find charges you don’t recognize on your Roku account or payment method, try the following:

  • Confirm the charge is from Roku. On your billing statement, check how the charges appear. All transactions from Roku will appear on your statement with "Roku," "Roku for Channel Partner," or "The Roku Channel."
  • Review your subscriptions and other charges. If there’s a subscription you don’t recognize, it’s a good idea to review your purchase history to determine what the charge could be.
  • Check whether you have multiple Roku accounts. If you can't find the charge in your purchase history, it’s possible that you have more than one Roku account and have made the purchase or signed up for the subscription through a different Roku account. If so, you may not realize you're getting charged for a subscription, or you may be getting charged twice for the same subscription.

If you still don't recognize the charge after reviewing it, contact customer support. You can contact them here and then choose 'Account, payments, and subscriptions." They are the most qualified to assist you in this matter. In the event that the charge isn't from Roku, contact your bank or credit card company.

For more account information, you can log into to manage your account and services

Please keep us posted what you find out and will be more than happy to continue assisting you further. We look forward to hearing back from you.



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