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Due to death of my sister

I need to cancel my sister Roku account due to death of an auto accident. I have no password. Also Roku is billing her account other steaming channels. I would like to talk to someone a person!!! The death took place 3 weeks ago and I can’t get in touch to cancel!!! Please HELP!!-

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Re: Due to death of my sister

Hi @Vonda1969, thanks for making us aware of this.

We're sorry to hear about your loss. We understand that these times can be difficult. We're more than glad to assist you with the Roku account.

You will receive a PM from us soon so that we can gather more information. Please be on the lookout for a message from us!

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Re: Due to death of my sister

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Re: trying to cancel subscription due to a death

My father in law passed away and I have been trying to cancel his Roku account.  I have not been able to sign into his account and I have not been able to speak with a human being.  Any suggestions appreciated.  I have been trying for over a month trying to reach someone by phone and/or online.   Please HELP!. 

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