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Charges on Statements Not Aligning with Subscriptions

I see this complaint a lot. When you have a subscription, it may NOT necessarily appear on your statements by the company name you are familiar with in your subscriptions. So instead of going to "My Account > Manage Your Subscriptions", you should go to "View My Purchase History". Then you'll be able to cross reference the statement from your credit card (or bank account), with the dates of the purchases and charges posted to the account. 

You should be aware that this takes some time to cross reference this information. and is not a pleasant experience. Unfortunately Roku doesn't make this process easy for you. Further more, if you have an elderly parent who likes porn, these companies WILL take advantage of them. As some elderly do not know what they are ordering, and can very well create multiple accounts with the same company. Or, these companies simply rebrand themselves, and collect on multiple accounts.  


I canceled all my fathers subscriptions, as well as his card, and now have to monitor his purchases, do to the simple fact that there were hundreds of dollars worth of purchases on his account that he didn't recognize. And even if he opened his accounts, he wouldn't have recognized them. Because they present differently on statements. And sometimes these companies will NOT appears as the same company on your statement. It all sounds very fishy to me. So do your research. They depend on you to be lazy.

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