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Xfinity Wi-Fi / Roku Express Connection Tip


I want to share a tip that helps me when my Roku Express randomly disconnects from my Xfinity Wifi to no avail.

Sometimes my Roku will show as “connected” to my home wifi; however, there will not be an actual connection happening. I have spent a lot of time learning everything I can about modems/routers/admin settings, etc.


The simple solution (for reasons unbeknownst to me) has always ended up being to open the “Xfinity Hotspots” app on my mobile device. This is a different app than the account app. Open the settings menu in the app. Check for updates and update your “secure profile”. Once I do that, my Roku Express immediately reconnects to the internet. I have noticed that whenever there is an update available in the settings of the hotspots app, Xfinity logs me out of the app and I have to sign back in. 

These settings are IN the hotspots app (NOT your phone/tablet’s device settings).

I use apple products. I do not know if Android or other devices have similar issues or if a similar solution would work for non Apple devices.


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