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Wireless Network Issues. Error 014.30

I am having trouble connecting my Roku Express with my network. I used it all the time before and haven't used it in a bit, but was trying to set it up the past few days and keep getting Error 014.30. I have tried connecting to multiple networks, even hotspots and nothing. I've restarted my router many times and restarted and unplugged the roku many times. Every other device I use is connected to my wifi no problem at all. I wish there was just a number I could call to get help. Does anyone have any more advice? Thanks!

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Re: Wireless Network Issues. Error 014.30

Hi @needhelp6

Thanks for reaching out here in the Community.

Could you tell us who is your internet service provider? If it is Comcast or ATT, we would recommend changing your router settings for 2.4 GHz band from g/n to b/g/n, as customers have stated that this helped resolve their issue.

Let us know if there's any difference after.

All the best,

Kariza D.
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Re: Wireless Network Issues. Error 014.30

@needhelp6   you need to go into your modem/ gateway or router and change the settings. your Roku only works on the 2.4 GHz WiFi 


1. Radio is On/Enabled
2. SSID (network name) is On/Broadcasting
3. Network Mode/Protocol is set to b/g/n (Mixed Mode)
4. Bandwidth/Channel Width is set to 20mhz
5. Wireless Channel is set between 1 and 11 (preferably 1, 6 , or 11). Try changing and using different channels. Roku cannot see or use 12,13,14.

* Restart both your Router and your Roku after making above changes.

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