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Unique issue (ROKU network)

Hello all we just got done moving and have encountered a unique issue. The TCL roku tv isn’t connected to the new WiFi and to do so I would need to use the remote. We tried the phone remote but it needs the TV to be on the WiFi network, I’m not sure what to do here other than get a new remote and my family is driving me up a wall over the tv until I can get over to our storage room and figure out where it’s packed. Anyone know if you can just infrared these TVs?

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Re: Unique issue (ROKU network)


A Roku Voice Remote ($20) will work.

Roku TVs use a different code set than the standard Roku devices. So the Roku Simple Remote ($15) won't work. Likewise, third party universal remotes won't work, as when they say "Roku" they mean the standard Roku code set. You can try the TV manufacturer (TCL) on a universal remote and see if that works.

All Roku devices work with the Roku Voice Remote. As indicated, they're $20, and can be found at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and other retailers.

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