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TV not detecting any wifi after auto update

I bought a new Onn. Roku Tv, Model 8310x.  It worked fine for a week or two, but it auto updated one night and now it won't detect ANY WiFi signals.  There are at least 8 close by that my other Roku TV has no problem detecting.  Since the update this one won't even detect the router that's in the same room.  How can I fix this?  It's my daughter's tv and she is not happy about it.

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Re: TV not detecting any wifi after auto update

Hi @Asanderson784,

Thanks for reaching out to the Roku community!

I have a few questions to better understand the behavior you are seeing: 
1. Are you being prompted with an error message when trying to connect your wireless connection?
2. Do you observe this behavior while using any other channel(s) on your device? 
3. What troubleshooting steps have you taken so far to try to resolve the issue?
4. Can you please provide the software OS/version of your Roku device by going to Settings > System > About?

We also recommend starting here to troubleshoot network issues: How to connect your Roku device to the internet using Wi-Fi® or Ethernet | Official Roku Support

Please keep us posted and we'll continue assisting you from there.

Best regards,

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