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Roku Ultra Losing Connection

Like so many others here, I'm having issues with my Roku Ultra losing Wi-Fi connection randomly and it appears to be happening more often.

Wi-fi router is in the same room as Roku with strong signal

No, I haven't changed anything with my router and restarting the router did NOT help

My Ultra is a 4802 model I've had for only 3 months and has the most recent firmware update

I also have a Roku Express in the next room that does not have this problem

No other device in my house loses connection

When the Ultra loses connection, it displays the correct Wi-Fi is available but will not connect to it until I restart the unit.

In fact, last night when it happened I simply changed to watching my program on a tablet while Roku Ultra continued to tell me there was no Wi-Fi connection

Restarted the unit, it reconnected only for it to do the same thing about 15 minutes later.

This has been an ongoing issue for about the last month.  Happened once about three weeks ago, twice last week and three times yesterday in the span of about an hour.

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Re: Roku Ultra Losing Connection

Wi-Fi issues are very, very difficult to track down.  I don't think you'll get any solution from anyone at Roku beyond the usual restart your Roku, restart your router, blah, blah, blah.  Since the Roku and the router are in the same room do yourself a favor and run an Ethernet cable from the router to the Roku and be rid of Wi-Fi problems forever.

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Re: Roku Ultra Losing Connection



I 100% agree with renojim hook it up with an Ethernet cable. I avoid WI-FI for anything if at all possible,

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