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Reel Rookie

Roku Streaming Stick wont connect to the internet.

 My Roku Streaming Stick, received at Christmas worked great when hooked up Christmas day. My son hooked my router up to the system. Again the Roku stick worked great. A few days ago it lost internet connection but restored itself before i got to settings screen. Got up this morning and it will not connect. It connects to WiFi but not internet. I tried too clear cache but it made no difference. my signal is strong. My internet is 100 GPS and I'm getting 118 GPS when I do a speed test. I disconnected it and connected hardwire my old Roku3. It works great so I know my internet is fine. All my other wireless devices are working great..

 The only difference to my internet is when my son hooked the router he got rid of our 2 logins. one was 2.5 and the other 5. It just shows the one login and the device picks the one that it decides. Could this be the problem. He lives 1500 KMs away and has gone home after Christmas. Just want some ideas possibly from someone who maybe has experienced this. Any assistance is appreciated.

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Re: Roku Streaming Stick wont connect to the internet.


Since you get intermittent connection, I am thinking that the router may be using DFS channels on the 5ghz band.  The Roku devices cannot see or use DFS channels (52-140) so either need to Disable DFS use or manually assign a channel 36-48 or 149-161 under the 5ghz "Wireless Settings".

Since you had two bands to choose from previously (2.4ghz and 5ghz), and now you only have one, I am assuming the 2.4ghz may have been disabled.  If the router had been placed into a "mesh mode", the device should be trying to connect to the 2.4ghz if the 5ghz is unavailable due to DFS usage.

If you can get some details from your son what he did, and post back with the Router model number and your ISP (internet service provider), can hopefully get you back up and running.  You likely will have to login to your router (or use the accompanying app, if applicable), so good idea to get some info from your son as well on this so you know how to access the settings when provided.


Basically, need to know if the router has been placed into a mesh mode or if the 2.4ghz radio has been disabled for starters.

Feel free to post an update.

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