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Roku Express won't stay connect to Xfinity gateway

Roku express 4k+ won't stay connected to my Xfinity gateway.



11.5.0 BUILD 4225-CR

ID S07P21D4R6D1

XFINITY gateway model XB7-T 

**Onset I have no idea because I rarely shut my TV off. First time I did last night and today 3 more times and hasn't changed. 

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Re: Roku Express won't stay connect to Xfinity gateway


Thanks for the post.

For customers who are using a Xfinity wireless network, we recommend changing your router settings for the 2.4 GHz band from g/n to b/g/n, as customers have stated that this helped resolve their issue.

For troubleshooting purposes, have you tried connecting your Roku device to an alternate wireless network, such as a mobile hotspot, to see if you are experiencing the same issue occur?

Please keep us posted what you find out.


Danny R.
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Re: Roku Express won't stay connect to Xfinity gateway

FYI If you have the lowest quality Xfinity supplied modem/router as I had, its settings could be changed in the way you recommend.
But as the unit I have xb7-t with essential services IT IS NOT ACCESSABLE with this service level. But in the manual it states it can provide this result by reverse or backwards connectivity... Not exact text.
So some people won't be able to achieve the fix necessarily.
Seems I Repaired my issues! Yes good luck everyone else! 🤞
I forgot this issue but I just checked mine by powering off and on ITS STILL CONNECTED!!! 👏👏

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