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Roku Adds "Special Characters" to Network Name


In the set up process, my new Roku Ultra, when looking for a wireless connection, found my home network, but added special characters that are not in my wireless network name. Instead of “Home Wifi” Roku created “Home \xe2\x80\x99s\Wifi.” The additional characters prevented the unit from connecting. The problem persisted after rebooting both the router and Roku devise.

To test my network connection I used a second Roku Ultra, borrowed from another room. No problem finding “Home Wifi”. Amazon replaced the first Ruku Ultra with a new one. Again when looking for the wireless connection, the unit found my wifi network, but added the same characters to the name: \xe2\x80\x99s. No wireless connection could be made.


I discovered the following: If I hard-wire the new unit with an RJ45, the Ultra connected immediately to my home network. Once connected, I noticed the Ultra needed to be updated. Once it updated, I removed the RJ45, rebooted the unit and tried to make a wireless wifi connection. The ultra immediately found my Network and connected wirelessly with no issues. It appears there is coding in the update that made the wireless connection possible, at least for me. 

Hope this helps other customers.  


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