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Roku 5ghz devices dropping connection (eero system)

I recently upgraded my network to a tri-band eero pro WiFi 6 system. I have one router & one extender set up. Ever since the switch my two Roku devices that are capable of connecting to the 5 ghz bands are dropping their internet connection about once per day. One device is a Roku Soundbar & the other is a Roku Streaming Stick+. I have three other Roku devices - all which run on 2.4 - and none of those devices are having problems. Once the connection is dropped, my Roku units become essentially locked and require a complete restart. Reconnecting to the network doesn’t work. It requires a full restart.

Obviously the root of the issue is with eero since this never happened before, but I have 20+ other devices connected and all work fine. Plus, the fact I have to perform a complete restart (versus simply reconnecting to the network) tells me there is something failing within both Roku devices.

A couple of notes:
The SSID & password I’m using for the eero is the same as the old router’s 5 ghz band. Thinking this may be causing the issue, I did a complete reset of the Roku network settings. Based on the Soundbar failing tonight it’s clear that didn’t work. 
Restarting the eero system - I tried restarting via the app & a full power cycle - does not result in a network connection being established between eero & the Roku.
As mentioned earlier, all three of my 2.4 ghz Roku devices remain connected at all times & have not had any issues keeping a connection.
Please help as this is becoming a daily occurrence. I’ve searched the inter webs & this issue doesn’t seem to be a common occurrence, which makes troubleshooting difficult. 
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Re: Roku 5ghz devices dropping connection (eero system)

I think I'm in the same boat as you.  

I just switched to Eero, and my TCL Roku TV won't keep connection.  I am literally streaming to the TV via a Chromecast dongle that is attached as I type this.  I am online on my laptop in front of the TV as well.  The TV is 20ft from the router and won't connect, but I can streamline from my tablet to a TV in the basement..

It shows that the signal is strong to the router, but it just doesn't want to keep connection to the internet.  I make zero sense.  The TV gave me the message contact support at "supporttcl.com/us", this ends up routing me to a site  called "Just Answer" an independent Q&A site.  $1 membership and $55/month.  I agreed thinking that I did have the option .to cancel, and WTH  I need past this.  

After starting a Chat, they offer a phone   consultation for $39, I opted for chat.  I gave all the details....and then crickets.  I guess that they wanted that extra.  So I'm here now looking for help.  Either I'm  going to have to spend more for another TV or another Router setup

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Re: Roku 5ghz devices dropping connection (eero system)

@GambrelTC TCl support is support.tcl.com/us  

The site you used is missing a dot between support and tcl

I have no idea if actual TCL support will be able to solve your problem

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Re: Roku 5ghz devices dropping connection (eero system)


First, you need to be careful when searching for support for any of these products.  The actual support link for TCL RokuTVs is https://support.tcl.com/us-roku-tv, not the link you posted.  By going to the wrong link, you encountered an unofficial paid support site. (many of these just scam you out of money, others provide legitimate help for a fee and can be helpful to some.)  Basically though, never pay for support on some website you find on the interzones. (the scammers outnumber the legitimate sites).


As far as your issue goes, first thing to do with the Eero is to restart both the router and any extenders/beacons you are using.  Some users have a lot of issues with the Eero and their Roku devices staying connected, while others have no issues at all.  Post back with the Eero model number you are using and if you know how to make changes via the app.  For some users, they simply abandoned the Eero system in order to get their Roku devices working again.  (should not have to, but also cant't see your network and its setup from here).  

Edit... Got called away during typing response and see @HDMIGuy already mentioned the above link issue.  👍

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