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Roku 4k 2021 stick randomly crashing

I have the same problem. Using the 4K stick Roku will run fine for about 10 minutes, then a message appears that there is no internet connection. Except there is an excellent connection. When this happens the remote ceases functioning. Turning off the TV for several minutes will allow normal function. I have tried all the fixes Roku offers on line but none have solved this problem.

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Roku 4k 2021 stick randomly crashing

Greetings @raceking,

Hello, and thank you for joining the Roku Community!

We are grateful that you have contacted us and informed us about this issue.

Could you tell us when you started seeing the issue occur? How are you powering your device? Is it connected directly to a wall outlet or through the USB port on your TV?

Let us know more about this so that we can further take a look into it.



Roku Community Moderator
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