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No Hotel/Dorm Connect screen on Roku Ultra

I’m trying to connect to the hotel wifi on my Roku Ultra that I bought in 2020. It’s been activated. It’s been connected to the account. I’ve connected WiFi before. When I got to networks, choose the hotel wifi, it connects fine, but doesn’t show me the “I am in a dorm or hotel room” option. It just goes back to the network screen. It says connected under status, but I get the “unable to connect to wireless network” message when I press “check the connection”. Why am I not getting the “I am in a hotel” option to complete the wifi sign in process? 

(please, I don’t know if it’s part of yalls protocol, but don’t send me the “check out this page!” Link that shows me the same FAQ page I’ve been on for the past hour trying to figure this out. It’s condescending but I also get it if that’s the formula employees have to follow)

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