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New roku remote and new wifi-not able to connect

I recently switched wifi providers.  I have been unable to connect existing roku-keeps saying not connected.  Had to purchase a new remote and I can't use it will not work b/c the internet isn't connected.  I tried a new roku system and the same thing is happening.  What am I doing wrong?  

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Re: New roku remote and new wifi-not able to connect

The remotes don't have anything to do with your Wi-Fi connection, so we need more information.  What kind of device do you have and what kind of remote did you get?  The sticks (that plug directly into an HDMI port without the need for an HDMI cable) require the one of the Voice remotes.  Roku TVs don't work with the simple remote and Roku TV remotes don't work with Roku players, so you see it could be simply that you got the wrong remote.

Having said all of that, if the remote has a button on the back or inside the battery compartment then it requires pairing to the Roku device.

If I understand what you wrote, you purchased a new Roku device that came with its own remote and you still can't get it to work?  The question about the button on the remote still applies.

Tell us the model number of the Roku device(s) and what kind of remote(s) you have.

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