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Need to Keep Spectrum TV plan?

I had an internet connection from my ISP (Spectrum) for $69.95/mo. (no fees and no taxes).

I added a bundled package from Spectrum that includes both my internet service and a TV service for 10 channels of my choice plus 4 local channels plus a host of garbage channels.

When I added the TV service, they added $24.99 plus $6.00 fee from local stations plus $2.25 state taxes bringing my total to $103.23/mo.

I subscribed to Netflix for $9.64/MO.

My Spectrum router has wired incoming signal from Spectrum’s cable. 

Its output is wired to my Belkin wireless router.

My router provides wired connection to my Lenovo PC running Windows 10.

My router also provides wireless connections to the TV, 2 printers and an Apple Mac Air.

My TV is a Samsung smart TV, model: UN48H5500AFXZA.

ROKU mounted on bottom edge of the wall mounted TV.

I don’t recall if it is HDMI or composite but probable HDMI. I can’t tell because I cannot lift the TV.

My Roku device is PREMIER.      serial no. YHOOEW755974.


Now, when I turn on my Samsung smart TV, I get a display showing Netflix (default) or Roku (optional).

Netflix only provides a large group of recorded TV shows or Movies.

It does not show any of the 10 channels that Spectrum promised.

If I switch to the alternate [Roku] “home”, it shows boxes for about 15-18 “channels” including Spectrum.

Inside of the Spectrum box on Roku, I can get the 10 channels promised by Spectrum (ABC, CBS, NBC,

FOX BUSINESS, FOX NEWS, CNBC, TCM, THE WEATHER CHANNEL, NatGeo, Food, USA, History, Discovery) plus a lot of garbage channels I did not choose.

Also inside of Roku, there are the boxes beside that of Spectrum the other boxes are either streaming programming or subscription programming.  I am interested in neither.

I can switch to Netflix inside of Roku by pressing the NETFLIX button in the Roku remote.

I can switch to Netflix inside of Roku by selecting the NETFLIC  box.


Summary: I can get the 10 live channels for which I pay Spectrum $24.99 plus taxes and fees, only by selecting Roku, then Spectrum, then the channel of my choice.

If I want to see free recorded movies or recorded TV programs, I just open Netflix which is my default channel.

If I want to watch live programming I have to the default Netflix to the Roku “home”, then SPECTRUM, then the channel of my choice.


I believe these are issues best answered by ROKU experts.

My questions are:

  1. Do I need the Spectrum bundled TV package to get my Spectrum option inside Roku?
  2.  If not, will I lose anything if I just cancel the Spectrum TV service which is bundled with internet service?

Thanks for your assistance.


Community Streaming Expert

Re: Need to Keep Spectrum TV plan?

The "boxes" within Roku are known as Roku channels.  Most people would probably call them apps.  Just because you have a channel installed on your Roku doesn't mean you'll have access to any of its content without paying an additional fee (like Netflix) or using a cable/TV subscription (like Spectrum).  If you stopped paying for your Netflix or dropped your Spectrum TV package those "boxes" would remain on your Roku, but they wouldn't do you any good.

By the way, the Netflix button on your remote is just a shortcut that takes you right to the Netflix channel.  It's no different than using the remote to highlight the channel and then pressing OK.

Roku Community Streaming Expert

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Re: Need to Keep Spectrum TV plan?

So basically, when a Samsung smart TV is used with a streaming package [provided by Spectrum etal] for which one receives local TV along with the apps that can be downloaded from Samsung, the Roku merely provides short cuts to the Samsung apps AND it can provide shortcuts to other streaming "channels" for which Samsung does not provide apps?

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Roku Guru

Re: Need to Keep Spectrum TV plan?

Roku doesn’t really know what’s going on inside your TV and your TV doesn’t know about your Roku.  The Roku just uses the TV as a display, and the TV just displays whatever video appears on an HDMI port.

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