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Model 3930x is **bleep**, it is constantly buffering no matter what App I use!

Brand new out of the box and it doesn’t work!  Buffers non stop can not watch anything!  Signal is strong on every other device including the roku 3 I have.  No wonder Roku had a deal on them.instead of wasting my money on roku anymore, I think I’m going to ha e to start investing ont smart TVs.

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Re: Model 3930x is **bleep**, it is constantly buffering no matter what App I use!


Generally, smart TVs lag behind the streaming devices in performance and functionality. The Big Four streamers -- Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google/Android TV -- are great choices for streaming. Three of those have agreements with TV manufacturers to include their platforms as the "smarts" of smart TVs. Those Smart TVs are good. Others, not so much over the long haul.

Now, when it comes to Roku devices, they all work well, except the low end model 3930 Express. It has the same CPU and RAM as some other lower end Roku devices, but the network components are inferior. The device is 2.4 GHz only (the only Roku still like this) rather than dual band. It's much easier to get interference on that band with those Roku devices. And, some ISPs are changing the settings of the wireless routers they rent which can make it difficult for Roku devices to connect on the 2.4 GHz band.

If you get a Roku, get anything other than the low end Express. If you want a non-Roku streamer, there's no reason to spring for a new TV. Any of the other devices would be good. Well, the two cheap Fire TV devices are not good over time; it'll just take longer for you to be unhappy with them. The ones around $50 and up are good, but not the cheap ones.

Oh, Chromecast with Google TV has the problem of onboard storage space issues. Roku is absolutely the best at managing onboard storage, much better than all the others. The Express 4K+ is the cheapest really good Roku.

Of course, if you're looking for a new TV anyway, any that carry the platforms listed would be good choices. I've had Fire TV and Android TV televisions, and they're fine, but I always ended up connecting a Roku to them. Personal preference.

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