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Missing network option on my westinghouse roku tv

this is a horrible response from Roku. I have to restart my network every day just for one device in my house to work and it’s the Westinghouse Roku. I wish I had signed up for the **bleep** warranty from Best Buy because I would take this junk back I know the TV was cheap, but it shouldn’t mean that the person who gets it can’t operate it on a regular basis. I have a TCL Roku that doesn’t disconnect as much and now the Roku won’t display anything not only is it not connecting to the Internet I can’t connect to the software for Roku, and do all the things I normally do like go into my other menus and connect to my other devices through my Roku TV . I have restarted this thing seven times today, but this is how you respond? Go and reset my wireless network? I have three other devices in the house that are connected and not failing. What is wrong with the hardware and when are you going to send an update to fix it?

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Re: Missing network option on my westinghouse roku tv

I own 3 westinghouse Roku TVs and I have not had a problem at all. The oldest Westinghouse that I own is about 3 years old. I never had to restart my router for any device on my network. I only have had to reboot my router once in the past 18 months, because of wireless issues. My ISP Verizon fios and I own a verizon AX router.

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