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Casting via phone hotspot

This is regarding the Roku TV app on android devices.  I live in the boonies where there's no hardline internet.  My phone hotspot IS my internet connection.  The cast icon doesn't show up in the Roku TV app.  I KNOW this is because wifi must be turned off on the phone in order to run the hotspot.  Other streaming apps detect this as a valid wifi/internet connection & turn on the cast icon, and work pretty much flawlessly. 

So I tried installing the Roku app directly on the TV and my Chromecast, both ways are extremely glitchy, stop playing & says can't display video after every commercial break.  If you try resuming episode,  it'll display the same error.  You have to restart the episode from the beginning & FF to where it glitched & sometimes it gets into a mode where even restarting an episode from the beginning errors out.

I can find no way to relay this to Roku development/support, anybody have an actual email address or phone #?  The casting from an android device that's a hotspot seems like an easy fix, other streaming channels support it.

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