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Both Roku will not connect to Xfinity

Used my Roku 2 days ago no issues. Tonight it shows my wifi network and signal strength excellent but will not connect. Tried my second Roku and exact same issue.  I did a factory reset on 1 and will not connect to Xfinity wifi to set up, still shows my network and signal strength excellent. I tripple checked my wifi password and that is not the issue. 

I used my phone as a hot spot and finally got connected.

What can I do to get it back on my home wifi Xfinity? I can't use all my mobile gigs just to stream.  Anyone else having this issue or worked through it - please help! 

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Re: Both Roku will not connect to Xfinity


This is a known issue with cable ISP like Xfinity/Comcast, Cox, and AT&T and their router firmware.

You will need to verify that the "Wireless Mode" under your 2.4ghz settings are set to b/g/n.

Try logging into your router or using the Xfi mobile app and "Edit" the 2.4 ghz band.  https://www.xfinity.com/support/articles/change-wifi-mode-admin-tool-xfinity-xfi

Restart both the Router and your Roku devices after making the above changes.


Some users may need to contact the ISP in order to make these changes as new updates to the routers have been made disabling the ability for users to make these changes themselves.

If you need more help post back with both the Roku model numbers (Settings/System/About) and the router model number.


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