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Reel Rookie

1 of 3 Roku keeps losing wifi. 2 work great

1 of the 3 Rokus I own will no longer stay connected to WiFi after an update. How does this get fixed? Apparently the Express 4K+ streaming device is not allowed for online chat discussions. It’s not the WiFi I tested the other 2 in the same location and they both work fine. Start up the 3rd and every 5 min it loses connection 

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Re: 1 of 3 Roku keeps losing wifi. 2 work great

For any of the Roku devices that use a USB power adapter for power, my first instinct is to suspect it.  Try moving things around.  Does the problem follow the device?  The power adapter?  The location of the device?  I don't know if there's any real fix and I do think that over time either the device or the power adapter just dies.  All you get is a one year warranty and after that you're pretty much on your own.  If all your devices exhibited the same problem I'd suspect something with your router or its settings, but when only one device exhibits a problem then that mostly rules out network issues unless its a different model than the working devices.

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