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Channel Surfer

Re: Wireless Doorbell Won't Record Videos Or Pictures Manually


Thanks for your lengthy reply but I never said I couldn't get my camera to record anything. I said when I press the camera or record icon this message pops up

"Turn on access to your Storage to let Roku save videos and photos to your album".

I literally have all permission checked. I have had my internet provider send a tech out here and they said my service was find. I even got a new modem and router. You all told me it could be my phone, so, I got a new phone and the same problem is still happening and no agent can tell me or the rest of the community that has this same issue how to really solve it. I have emailed you pictures since I can not post them on here because it is more than 3mb

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Wireless Doorbell Won't Record Videos Or Pictures Manually

Hi @Cjohns910910,

We appreciate you for keeping in touch and for the extra details about this issue going on.

In this case, we will require assistance from the appropriate Roku team to conduct further investigation, and we will need your cooperation.

Please help us with the details below:

  • Log ID: From the camera, go to settings gear > support > submit log
  • The firmware version of the Roku Smart Home app
  • Brand of the device

We look forward to your responses and gathering your details. Thank you!

Best regards,

Jessica G.
Roku Community Moderator
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Channel Surfer

Re: Wireless Doorbell Won't Record Videos Or Pictures Manually

Having the same issue

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