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Better be willing to pay extra for cloud on doorbell/camera

I have spent over $600 on Roku streaming stiks,sound bar, antennae,but the doorbell/camera sux.Ihave 2 Merkury Cameras outside,but thought I would go with Roku on 3rd outside camera. During 14 day trial everything was perfect,timing,images and notifications. After the trial was over and I elected not to purchase cloud storage the doorbell went to pot. Images are blurred, some times it sends a notification, sometimes it don't. I passed by it at 6 pm last evening,got a notification at 9 pm someone at the door . I understand wanting to sell monthly to earn even more money. I have a total of 5 Merkury Cameras,3 indoor and 2 outdoor, had them for 3 years without cloud storage,no problems and I paid less for the Merkury outdoor camera than I did for the Roku.

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