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Reel Rookie

Upgradable Roku TV or Streaming sticks with OTA

I have been a big proponent of Roku TVs but have recently soured on them due to them becoming slower and slower with each new OS update. One of them is so slow its practically unusable so has a new streaming stick plugged into it (but OTA has to be controlled with the internal Roku).

While some new features have been nice to get in the OS updates, when it slows the system down to be annoyingly slower and more glitchy, I would rather not have the update.  I should be able to upgrade the roku brains in the tv without having to buy a new tv if Roku insists on pushing new features out that requires more processing power to maintain the same responsiveness.  In that regards, a Roku stick added to a TV is better as it can easily be upgraded... but the single remote and integrated OTA viewing with Roku TVs is very nice to have.

So what I would like to see is either:

Roku TVs come with an option to easily upgrade the Roku brains at similar price of a streaming stick (and as easy as they are to plug into the tv)


Streaming sticks that come with an OTA tuner and antennae input that allows any tv to have the OTA and single remote benefits as Roku TVs.

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Roku Guru

Re: Upgradable Roku TV or Streaming sticks with OTA

Both are extremely unlikely to ever happen. TV's are too sealed, and FCC regulations would make user upgrades impossible at any price cheaper than a whole new TV. I think there are some Android-based tuner boxes that could conceivably run streaming services. I doubt Roku would ever do that. They get no revenue from OTA TV.


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Reel Rookie

Re: Upgradable Roku TV or Streaming sticks with OTA

Not sure why it couldn't be designed to just plug and unplug from the back of the TV like the Roku Streaming sticks.

I get that they don't get revenue directly from OTA, but they get more users on their platform by providing the users the ability to watch OTA and Roku channels with a single simple remote which I think is a huge benefit.  That's why I was drawn to and like Roku TVs, but if they don't do something about making them frustratingly slow with each additional OS update, and not able to upgrade to keep speed up after the updates, I'll be exploring other options.

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