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Support Additional Subtitles in Roku Media Player

Hello everyone,

I am delighted that the Roku Media player has such great support for MKV video files, including multiple audio tracks. I'm finishing up digitizing a lot of my media and I'm having a great time watching it anywhere in the house.

However, one feature that I would love to have is additional support for subtitle formats, specifically Vobsub and PGS. In my searching on this issue, Roku only supports text based subtitles (like SRT) at this time. This unfortunately makes it impossible to watch foreign language titles.

I would love to use the Roku for all digital media needs. Thank you for a great product!

Level 7

Re: Support Additional Subtitles in Roku Media Player

Yes, please -- this would enable new features in lots of Roku apps and make the platform much more attractive. I use Emby and this is a major inconvenience, and a reason I am considering competing boxes.

Level 7

Re: Support Additional Subtitles in Roku Media Player

I was in the same boat as you and ended up using Fire TV devices with Emby. Fire TV devices support MKV files with embedded PGS subtitles. Emby has the option to prevent playback that requires transcoding. This has been a great combo.

I prefer Roku devices but the lack of image based subtitle support is a deal breaker for me.

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