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Level 7

Please add the Amazon Audible App to channel options

I love the features & channels I currently have, but it would be so awesome if the Audible (audio book) app was available as well. I find myself going from Plutotv to Pandora to Spotify etc., and sometimes I just want to listen to a book. I have these same channels (apps) on my phone and can direct cast them to my tv (my favorite feature by the way) but Audible is the ONLY app that I can not do this with. How is HBOMax up before Audible? And HBOMax’s user interface a trash-adjacent at the moment. No offense. It would be really nice to have Amazon Audible as a channel option. 

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Level 13

Re: Please add the Amazon Audible App to channel options

Suggest this directly to Amazon. Amazon develops their own apps for platforms like Roku, e.g. prime. 

An IMDB app/channel would be nice too, read about films and watch trailers

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