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Smart Home Feature Fine Tuning?

I recently added Roku Smart Home Entry Sensors to help me to care for my mother with Alzheimer's.  Door alerts are critical, especially at night time.  But she is very, very attentive to what I am doing and sneaks out the second she sees my guard is down (I'm using the bathroom, loading the dishwasher, etc).

Aside from a previous vulnerability with the system not arming if all of the doors aren't closed, there's a few tweaks that could make this more user friendly.

1 -- The entry/exit delay. It's nice to have a 30 second count down (or whatever it's set at) that's audible. It lets me know my mom has opened a door but gives me time to disarm it before the alarm goes off and scares the pets. The problems is that it also counts down on arming for the night.  I have our system armed to come on at 9:30 automatically.  Sometimes we are both in bed sleeping then and it starts the countdown despite it not being an entry or exit delay, it's supposed to just arm because it's that time.  Would you be able to turn off the countdown when it's a scheduled function? 

2 -- Easy on/off door alerts.  Right now I get an alert every single time the doors are opened. Unfortunately this causes alarm fatigue (learning to ignore the noise because I'm used to it.) I can't learn to tune this sound out. I'd love to have a function that I can turn off all door entry alerts and turn them on without having to adjust the settings of each device each time I want that changed. 

Overall, this product has been helpful but it certainly could be a little better with a few adjustments I think!  Thanks for reading! 

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