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Fatal Flaw, System Not Arming

Good afternoon, Roku!

I have never used communities for products like this before so please forgive me for maybe not doing things correctly.  

I recently added Roku Smart Home Entry Sensors. My mom has moderate to advanced Alzheimer's so they're serving a critical safety role, particularly at night time.

Unfortunately I recently noticed a serious system vulnerability and that is that if a door is open, the system doesn't arm.  It doesn't send you a notification or say something like "system can't arm, close doors" or anything like that.  It just silently goes on its way. 

This was after I made a critical mistake in not arming the sliding screen patio door one night so while I believed her to be quietly watching TV in the living room, she was actually several blocks away lost because I didn't get an alert.  Of course I immediately armed the sliding screen door but some days that's left open and the big glass door is opened and closed.  What would be great would be a sensor that could control a set of doors where one/both might be opened/closed but so long as one is closed, the alarm is activated. 

In the meantime I'll set an alarm for 9:30 every night to make sure both doors are closed but the trouble with that in the summer is that I do often leave the glass patio door a few inches open to let cool night air come inside to cool the house down.  But that's low priority in the grand scheme of things.  Please make sure the system arms, even if a door is open! 

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