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Level 7

Shortcuts to items in settings menu

Let's say there are some settings that are changed frequently. For example, changing the preferred audio language from English to French back and forth, you would have to navigate: Settings->Audio->Audio Preferred Language->French (or English). Another example would be to change the output resolution. This has to be done by navigating: Settings->Display Type->1080p TV. A third example is to connect to a different network: Settings->Network->Setup Connection->Wireless->DifferentNetwork.

Instead of going to the settings menu every time is needed, it would be nice if shortcuts to any frequently used item in the settings tree could be created. I can think of two possibilities:

1) The possibility of programing a "soft" shortcut, sort of like the "TV off" in the home screen.

2) Configure one of the "1" or "2" programmable buttons to do a specific action in the settings menu tree.

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