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Reel Rookie

Roku tv remote not controlling Ps5

Thank you very much Dan! I appreciate you clarifying that for me. Do you know where I could get a hold of someone at Roku to give them this advice to add that feature to future updates or new models. I have had Samsung and Sony tv’s that could both do it and it makes everything really simple to have one remote for tv, AVR, and Ps5. I know Roku is new at making tv’s and I’m blown away by how good the quality is compared to other brands in the price range. I just think adding HDMI-CEC features would help them step up their game even more. Thanks again for the information, I love how helpful the Roku community is. Have a great day.

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Re: Roku tv remote not controlling Ps5

I just realized I hadn't responded to your last query, sorry. 

Roku doesn't have a specific area here in the Community for making suggestions for future improvements. That's unfortunate, as they do have a vibrant community of users here. The best you can do is to link a post with a suggestion to one of the Roku moderators and hope they can forward it on to someone who'll listen. But I will say that from what I've seen over the years, Roku doesn't seem to respond to suggestions for improvement in their products. People have asked for years for an illuminated remote, or a TV remote that has buttons to directly select a specific channel number, with no response. 


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