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Roku Media Player - View by List, No On-Screen Text in Autoplay

There's two small features I'd like to see in the Roku Media Player app that I think should be fairly easy to implement.

I sometimes use my Roku in my home theater to play a succession of short video files or trailers before I watch a movie.  So, it would be helpful to have an option to not display the name and other info on a file before it starts playing.  It's a little annoying to see the text pop up every time a new media file plays.

The other feature I'd like to see is an option to view media on a USB drive as a list, rather than icons.

I find browsing for media rather cumbersome with a view using icons - my personal media never has thumbnails that display anyway and you're only seeing a ver short version of the file name.  Viewing a list would seem to make more sense, at least as an option.

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Re: Roku Media Player - View by List, No On-Screen Text in Autoplay


Re: Roku Media Player and List rather than folder thumbnails.

When you launch Roku Media Player, right before you select the actual USB drive, press the *button on your Roku Remote (options button) and under the "Help & Settings" menu popup, look for "Display Format".  Change that from Grid to List using the OK button.

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