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Re: How to save preferred (default) Guest Mode settings

Our Beach Vacation Rental has 5 Roku TVs and 1 Roku streaming device for our Samsung Frame TV.  We were thrilled about the Guest Mode but, unfortunately, it falls short of what we want to offer our Guests.  

The Functionality we'd like to see:

1.  Create a standard set of channels which always show and remain on the Home Screen (and in a  customized order) for each Guest Login so they can login to those channels once and are logged out on their chosen departure date.

2. We'd also like to have the ability to add our paid YouTubeTV Vacation Rental Account (for local TV) to Guests which would always be logged into our Vacation Rental Account.  This would help us offer a basic level local TV service to our guests without having to pay for an expensive monthly service.


Thanks.  Please feel free to add comments. 

Retired Moderator

Re: How to save preferred (default) Guest Mode settings

Hi @BrownByTheBeach

Thanks for your for sharing your idea with us. 

We've added your post to our Wishlist section of the Community to share your thoughts. Who knows, you may see your suggestion implemented in a future update. You can check out our blog for the latest news and upcoming updates.

Thank you again for your suggestion and for taking the time to share it with us. We value your input.


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