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ROKU - Custom Installed Channel Apps Grouping Tabs With Labels

Roku Express 4K+  (3941X)
OS 12.0.0  (4184-CR)

The ability to custom group with labels the channel apps we install into tabs, would make navigation much easier.

For a few examples: I have loosely sorted my entire list of installed apps based on Internet content (YouTube and Pandora), free broadcast streams (Roku Channel, Tubi, Pluto), single broadcast streams (PBS and Comet), paid subscriptions (Hulu and Max), special interest (Fawesome LGBTQ and OutAt), foreign (Al Jazeera and K-TV).

Being able to jump to the first app in a group from a long long list of apps would be very helpful.

A secondary approach may be an option to auto-sort the apps based on the number of times accessed and / or date of last access.  So the more they are used, the higher up the list they move.

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