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Level 7

Please add a Queue/watchlist and search to AMC+

The AMC+ channel could really use an in channel search feature and a Queue/watchlist. I probably wont go past the free trial without it. Seems a little counterproductive to exit the app to use the search in the left tab in the main device menu.  Also, in the all movies part of the AMC+ , Shudder portion I notice it tops out at 199 movies - last time I looked at Shudder they have over 300 movies. So if I were to not know and just browsed, many of their features are not listed.

Also, without being able to save shows and movies their isnt really a point to the app.

Level 9

Re: Please add a Queue/watchlist and search to AMC+

You need to take this up with AMC,  the developers of the AMC+ streaming service. They're the ones that develop the app, not Roku

Level 7

Re: Please add a Queue/watchlist and search to AMC+

Well, if AMC is in charge of this, they do a terrible job everywhere!! 

I tried watching via Amazon prime and could never find the AMC channel, it took digging to get to a channel I was paying for. No watchlist etc. 

So I switched to the Roku channel, it's easy to find AMC+ but it doesn't save any shows, no watchlist, and it doesn't save where you last left off on any series! I'll be contacting AMC, but I feel like I can't possibly be the first one to complain about this across all of the places you can pay for AMC+ and they don't seem to care because nothing has changed. 

I suggest everyone who searches here and find this question, also contact AMC and ask them to fix this. 

Re: Please add a Queue/watchlist and search to AMC+

I signed up for the AMC+ trail, but since there isn't any sort of queue or watch list I'll be cancelling before the actual subscription kicks in. AMC/Roku are losing revenue because they skipped a very obvious use case.


Level 7

Re: Please add a Queue/watchlist and search to AMC+

As far as I can tell, we have AMC+ "On the Roku Channel" and then we have actual AMC+ app, and they are different..... I think. I signed up for the Trail on the AMC+ "On The Roku Channel" and when I select a show there is an option to Save To List, but where is the list????? I've been all through it and I don't see it anywhere. Not having a list is certainly weird, but to have a button to save to list and not have a list is super-weird. I have to be missing something.