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Level 7

Please Add Rokfin

I'm increasingly disgusted with MSM and YouTube censoring/deplatforming independent media.. PLEASE ADD ROKFIN TO ROKU! 

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Level 7

Re: Please Add Rokfin

Yes, I signed on to Roku community just to see if they have a Rokfin app that I could use on my Roku TV. If anyone from Roku is monitoring this site, plesae try to make this happen, lots of good content on Rokfin that you can't find anywhere else.

Level 7

Re: Please Add Rokfin

Same. Just came here to express the same feelings.  Rokfin is a wonderful and diverse platform for content creators. I love what they are doing.  Would be great to see a Rokfin channel on Roku.

Level 7

Re: Please Add Rokfin

Yes!! Rokfin would be a good addition. 

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