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Pin favorite shows to home screen

I would like to have a top level menu item that when selected shows me a list of my favorite shows. This would be different from My Feed which only displays 2.5 shows at a time and is more useful for tagging shows and movies that you're waiting to be released. Instead, this new feature would allow you to pin the shows that you watch regularly and scroll through a list of shows to pick something to watch. I imagine a tiled view similar to the Home menu item, where I could see 9 or more of my favorite shows at once. I would also like to be able to organize the show pins myself instead of them being sorted by new releases or anything else. Perhaps highlighting a show would display more details on the right. Pressing ok would immediately play that show through whichever app was used to play it last. Or maybe whichever app was selected as default when it was pinned.


Re: Pin favorite shows to home screen

Let me put this a different way. 

As a regular streaming television show watcher, I want to have a centralized repository of the top 20ish shows that I regularly view so that I can quickly start watching the next episode of one of them without having to go into any particular streaming service to find it or even having to remember which streaming service hosts it.

Given that the user is interacting with the main Roku menu, when they select My Favorites, then display a tiled list of streaming TV shows that they have favorited. 

Given that the user has selected one of their favorites, when they press OK, then open the appropriate streaming service and start playing the next unwatched episode. 

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