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Feature Request - Manually Adjust Network Settings

Would be nice to have manual network settings so I could point my Roku's DNS request around my Pi Hole server. Please learn that those settings have value to those who need them for many more reasons than the one I mentioned or continue to live in your box, it is 2020... 

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Reel Rookie

Re: Feature Request - Manually Adjust Network Settings

I agree and find it amazing that there isn't this feature in advanced settings. 
I have hoped that this would come through in an update but I'm now replacing all my Roku's with fire sticks because they have that feature. 

Now that I dropped cable I have streamers on every TV and if Roku doesn't adapt then we will all be running Firesticks. 

Here's hoping one of the developers realizes and fixes this missing feature in his or her lunch hour. It can't be that hard !!


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Reel Rookie

Re: Feature Request - Manually Adjust Network Settings

Since I'm new to this, does Roku ever read these posts or acknowledge them as good or bad ideas ?

If anyone knows, let us know. 


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