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IPV6 support for Roku 2021

Let’s finally get Roku IPV6 support. It’s 2021, come on… We need IPV6 Roku. Let’s make it happen. I just need 140 characters, but I’m gonna make sure Roku knows I want IPV6 support.

Level 8

Re: IPV6 support for Roku 2021

I've had ipv6 for years.  My work mobile provider has ipv6.  My mobile provider has ipv6.  My parents home internet has ipv6.  EVERYONE has ipv6.


Where is Roku's ipv6 support?

Level 7

Re: IPV6 support for Roku 2021

Last time I checked, there was an AWS dependency, but I believe that's long gone.

As IPv4 exhaustion is now a real thing in North America, some major US ISPs are moving to a (primarily) IPv6 service where IPv4 is "as a service" and by definition slightly degraded compared to v6. If Roku cares that customer experience is going to potentially tank because of that, then IPv6 might be a consideration for the short term... Feel free to reach out if you'd like more info, Roku.

Level 8

Re: IPV6 support for Roku 2021

Now it's 2022 with still no IPv6 support.  If I thought it was possible for a streaming platform (possibly the biggest) to drag their feet so hard on this, I would not have bought a Roku TV.  Every one of the major streaming services supports IPv6.  Their apps on the Roku platform are handicapped without it.

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