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Binge Watcher

I hope you will take it up.

You know how awkward it is to get the sleep timers to work right and alot people may or may not use google home apps or other devices to get roku tv to turn on the TV automatically  in the mornings. Why don't  you add a time choice where the person can get a exact   choice of what time they want  to their tv to wake up instead of guess how long it would takes for tv to come on. I hate the way those sleep timer work and it don't have a eight hours choice to me on it. Some people don't  exactly count that or know what to choose on that. I just thinking about other people and also thinking what if there is a person like me. And it just a idea.

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Retired Moderator

Re: I hope you will take it up.

Hi @PamG12

Thanks for sharing your idea with us.

We have added your post to our Suggest a Feature section for review and consideration. Who knows, you may see your suggestion implemented in a future update. You can check out our blog for the latest news and upcoming updates.

Thanks for your interest and we hope to expand with more features to provide our customers with the best streaming experience.


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