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For heard of hearing and not heard of hearing people.

Can you guys make a way for my roku tv to connect to my phone by itself and if I want it to come out of my tv too for other people there should be a way to do that so the person heard of hearing could hear it and thw person not heard of hearing could still hear it coming from the tv speakers.

Level 8

Re: For heard of hearing and not heard of hearing people.

I whole heartedly agree with you.  I use close captions all the time but its never timed properly with the voice.  I use Bluetooth earbuds when watching TV so I can understand what is being said.  Todays shows talk so fast that it is hard to understand.  I guess that’s so the networks can get more commercials in and make more money.  Roku does allow for Bluetooth listening and I have to use wired ear buds.  It is inconvenient with wires hanging but even worse yet, if my wife is watching the show also, there is no sound for her if I have the wired ear buds plugged into the remote.  I will try using an extra Bluetooth set of ear buds and sink them to my iPhone and then use the Roku App on my iPhone.  Maybe (?) this might be a solution to listening to Roku on me Bluetooth ear buds and external volume will also be heard.  I’ll give that a try.

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Level 7

Re: For heard of hearing and not heard of hearing people.

I tried recently to connect two separate iPhones to the roku for two people to use private listening at the same time. Each person can connect Bluetooth headphones to the respective device and control volume independently. This seemed to work fairly well but it would still be nice to have private listening as well as sound coming out of the speakers

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