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Feature Update Request: Removal of "Exit OTA (or "Antenna") TV and launch 'Hulu' prompt from RokuTVs

I have a request for the removal of an unneeded and undesirable prompt from the Roku OS when switching inputs from OTA TV to the Hulu app on TCL RokuTV's.

When switching, we are presented with the prompt "Exit OTA (or Antenna) TV and launch 'Hulu'?". Huh?! "Yes, That's why I pushed the Hulu button!" ;>).  "OTA" is used on my TCL 55R615, "Antenna" is used on my TCL 43S525.

It's frustrating having to address this extra step for a couple reasons:

  • One, this extra confirmation step does not occur when switching from OTA TV to Netflix, or any other app, on either TV, so I'm not sure why it's implemented for switching to Hulu. There should be uniformity with the input switching of all apps on RokuTV's (i.e. no extra step prompts for all). 
  • This extra step also interferes with the use of Logitech Elite Harmony Hub based Smart Remotes and the "Activities" setup for input switching which is expected to be similar amongst all inputs. I expect with other smart remote controls as well.

My TV's: TCL 55R615 and 43S525.Master TV TCL 55R615Master TV TCL 55R615Bedroom TV TCL 43S525Bedroom TV TCL 43S525

I'm assuming (and expect) that this is a feature of the Roku OS and not the individual apps.  However, I'm not sure.  You're support in resolving this and direction is appreciated.


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Re: Feature Update Request: Removal of "Exit OTA (or "Antenna") TV and launch 'Hulu'

When a prompt asks you if you want to switch a channel to another, you can click the "Launch" button to launch Hulu and "Cancel" if you want to stay on OTA TV.

Feature Update Request: Removal of "Exit OTA (or "... - Roku Community

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Re: Feature Update Request: Removal of "Exit OTA (or "Antenna") TV and la

Understanding what the prompt is for is not the question at hand.  It's why is it even needed.