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Feature Request: Roku Mobile App Enhancement Request


I'm a parent and my kids have Roku TVs. I like how I can be anywhere in the house and use the Mobile App Remote to control the TVs, for example, lower the volume, pause a show, turn off the TV and so on. What would be awesome is if I could see what they are watching and easily navigate the menus to change to a different show or so on. Maybe not full featured but that would great. Why do I ask for this? Im not a lazy parent...but there are days I don't want to get up early just to pick a show to watch and as you know kids can be pretty relentless on asking for something. Anyways...that would be an awesome feature! Thank you.

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Re: Roku Mobile App Enhancement Request

Hey, I don't think ROKU has an advanced parwental control to control your kids, I have kids too. So you can only use a remote to do what you just described, but for apps, you can download only the apps you want your kids to watch by setting up a pin number on the Roku website. Your kids can remove apps but they can 't add them because a pin will be required. But for the volume, you can only use a remote to do that. If your kids have a remote, you can also install a ROKU remote app in your cellphone to control their Tv when you are home as well. I have a video about the best ROKU app:

This app is even smarter as you can choose a channel from your cellphone from the other room. Try it plz.


Thank you


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Re: Feature Request: Roku Mobile App Enhancement Request

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