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Feature Request: Suggeston to Roku stick software developers

This is not a complaint, rather a suggestion. I have a Premiere device (Xmas present 2018} and I love it.

Scenaro: I subscribe to a number of channels that have lot of old sub-B scifi and horror movies.  Lotsa fun.

But if I pause a movie and go to another channel, without using old technology (writing it down on a pad by my computer) I can never remember which channel a particular movie was on.

Perhaps you can consider programming some kind of meta-Favourites list, by which I mean a Roku level list of favourites or bookmarks or playlists or paused movies/shows from all channels that the User (Me) can go to in order to find, for example, that bad 1957 schlock horror movie with the rubber monster and lousy sound effects that I was enjoying so much.

Thank you for a fine invention and an excellent nearly flawless service, well-designed and easy to use.  And love.

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Re: Suggeston to Roku stick software developers

Interesting suggestion, although it has nothing to do with the Roku Stick. Your Premiere is not a stick, although the latest ones look similar, don't they? Smiley Very Happy

The problem I envision with this is that it would have to be part of the Roku OS itself. It wouldn't be much use if it were only stored within the channel itself, and you can't recall which channel it was in the first place. The next problem is how to implement it. The Roku remote has a limited number of buttons, and some of the buttons are taken over by the channel while in use.

How would one mark a video to be added to the bookmark list? In many/most channels, every button already has a function. And this function would have to work on all currently used remotes. So you couldn't use a button, such as mute, because not all remotes have that button. 

Not to put down Roku users, but programming a button for a long press is simply going to confuse a lot of users. Roku remotes are designed for simplicity, and ease of use. 

As I said, an interesting idea. Just having trouble getting my mind wrapped around the how. And I didn't even touch how limited memory space is on a Roku. But good programmers can do amazing things. 


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