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Reel Rookie

Feature Request: Roku Ultra auto sleep/hibernate/standy

It would be immensely beneficial if the Roku Ultra could enact some sort of auto sleep mode. i.e. after 2 hours on screensaver, enter sleep mode where it kills the video out but keeps the device in a low power state to wake easily.

Almost every other streaming device has this (AppleTV, Amazon Fire, etc). 

Most TVs are set to turn off if no signal is detected for x amount of minutes. I would love to leverage this feature to save power in my home, but the Roku Ultra doesn't have anything to stop the video out feed besides manually turning the TV off. The screensaver just goes forever.


Re: Feature Request: Roku Ultra auto sleep/hibernate/standy

I don't have the ultra but under "network" in the settings would you have option for bandwidth saver? With my roku stick after 4 hours of inactivity it goes into sleep mode with that enabled... Unfortunately that time is not configurable so would like to shorten it down if possible...

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Reel Rookie

Re: Feature Request: Roku Ultra auto sleep/hibernate/standy

I've got the bandwidth saver option but it doesn't seem to actually work on either of my Roku Ultras. 

Even if it did, like you mentioned, 4 hours isn't a huge help. Would love to trim that down to 1 or 2 hours. 

Re: Feature Request: Roku Ultra auto sleep/hibernate/standy

Wholeheartedly agree with this. It’s ridiculous that my Roku basically forces my tv to stay awake until I turn it off. Seems absurd that there isn’t an option to sleep the device, which would trigger the tv to subsequently turn off due to lack of input signal.


Re: Feature Request: Roku Ultra auto sleep/hibernate/standy

I bought the Ultra model thinking it was too of the line to find now it doesn’t have sleep timer. This forces me to hace two remote controls and set a sleep timer on the tv. 
i just bought an Apple TV and I am amazed with the experience.  If sleep timer on the Roku is not added through a firmware or software update I will start replacing the four Rokus I  have in my home. 

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