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Level 9

Please allow Volume Leveling when the headphone output is in use

I addresses this topic in the Support forum, but it was suggested I post in the Wishlist forum, too.

I use the headphone adapter plug in the headphone port to drive an amplifier that drives speakers in different rooms. The problem is that the Roku Channel and Hulu reduce program volume but leave the commercials at normal, high, volume. The net affect is annoyingly LOUD COMMERCIALS.

Turning on Volume Leveling would fix the problem, as I tried that by removing the headphone adapter, listening through the TV's speakers, and commercials were a nice, even, volume with the program. But, for some reason, when the adapter is plugged in, I am not able to change the Sound Mode and Volume Mode. They both are stuck in Normal. I also tried actual headphones in that port and I get the same effect - no ability to change those audio modes and loud commercials.

I don't see any good reason why you wouldn't want to be able to even out loud sounds when headphones are plugged in. If anything, there is some risk of hearing damage if the commercials are much louder than the programs.

So if there is no technical reason, such as the hardware can't support that, please allow the use of Volume and Sounds Modes when the headphone port is in use.


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